How to Subscribe


A Library or Institution:

  • chooses any number of journals from subscription catalog or any subject collection;
  • fills out registration form providing a brief information about the subscribing organization and a selection of titles (or subject collections). This form is required in order to register the organization at the platform and provide it with the access to its profile (section “Organization profile”);
  • sends this form with the list of chosen titles (or subject collections) to;
  • gets administrator login/ password and order cost calculation with all possible discounts included;
  • confirms the order, concludes the license agreement and makes payment in favour of MIPP International, a partner organization resposible for eLIBRARY sales and customer support outside Russian Federation
  • upon concluding the license agreement the organization gets an access to the full texts of the purchased titles.


Personal subscription options are offered at eLIBRARY.RU. Any individual can choose any number of journals from the catalog and subscribe to the current or subsequent year. The cost and availability of archives are provided upon request. The access to issues is provided for 15 months and is login/password authenticated. We are always ready to answer any further questions concerning individual subscriptions to eLIBRARY services at