About Us

Elibraryworld.com is the joint project of MIPP International, vendor of printed materials and online databases from Post-Soviet countries, and Scientific Electronic Library, Russian supplier of academic information and analytical services. The aim of the cooperation is to facilitate access of foreign academic community to eLIBRARY.RU, the Russian scientific library in the field of social sciences and humanities, technology and medicine, containing over 18 million Russian scientific articles and publications of the leading journals in different subjects.

The database covers publications of more than 800 academic presses, such as FINANSY I KREDIT, Bionika, Nauchtekhlitizdat, Sovremennoe obrazovanie, Sputnik+, Meditsina, Professional’nye izdaniia, Moscow State University and others. 123 scientific journals are from Nauka publishers. At the moment the platform comprises full-texts and annotations of more than 3000 journals in Russian across a variety of disciplines, including Russian studies, linguistics, literature and language, history, politics, economics, law, medicine, technologies, etc. Access to over 1100 journals online is subscription-based. Over 1800 titles are in open access for all registered users.

MIPP International, being the official representative of eLIBRARY, provides  its sales, marketing and customer services outside the Russian Federation.